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Cleaning up the wallet transactions

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By cleaning up your wallet, you will remove any transaction that is not confirmed on the Reddcoin blockchain. These are transactions with issues, like transaction are conflicted, or transactions that are not getting confirmed and stay unconfirmed.

As a result, your wallet will only have confimed transactions, in line with the Reddcoin blockchain.

If you had created a new transaction that was stuck (not getting confirmed), the transaction will be removed, and the amount will be placed back into your wallet.

Writing a guide like this takes time and effort; tips are appreciated.
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Step 1: Backup wallet

Always make a backup of your wallet first if you have any Reddcoins in your wallet. Do not skip this step.

You can read here how to make a backup.

After you have made a backup, exit Reddcoin Core.
File (menu) -> Exit.

Step 2: Find your Reddcoin Core installation Folder

You need to start Reddcoin Core with the zapwallet argument. To do this, you first need to find your Reddcoin installation folder.

  • Let's first check the default installation locations to see if Reddcoin Core is installed there.

    Check if you can find a folder named Reddcoin in the following locations:

    • C:\Program Files
    • C:\Program Files (x86)

    • Open the Reddcoin folder to see its contents.
      There should be a reddcoin-qt.exe file in the folder.

      If you have found the file, you have found your Reddcoin Core installation folder.
      Leave this window open, and continue to step 3 below.

  • If Reddcoin Core is not installed in the default location, you can use the shortcut to find the location.

    • Click on the Windows icon (on the left bottom corner of your screen) to open the Start Menu.

    • Type Reddcoin to start searching for Reddcoin Core.
      At the top of search window, you should see a match for Reddcoin Core. On the right side, select Open file location.

      • You can also right click on ‘Reddcoin Core’ and select Open file location.

    • A new window opens, with two shortcuts.
      Right click on the Reddcoin Core shortcut, and select Properties.

    • In the Properties window, Start in will tell you where Reddcoin Core is installed.

      Copy the text in Start in.

    • Open Windows File Explorer, and paste the copied text in the address bar.
      Remove the quotation marks at the begin and end, and press [enter].

      The folder Reddcoin Core is installed will open.
      There should be a reddcoin-qt.exe file in the folder.

Continue to step 3 below.

Step 3: Start Reddcoin Core with -zapwallettxes=1

You have found your Reddcoin data folder and have it open in Windows File explorer.

  • Click on the address bar, type in cmd, and press [enter].

  • The Command Prompt window opens.

  • Enter the following command (copy/paste it in Command Prompt):
    reddcoin-qt.exe -zapwallettxes=1

  • After pressing [enter], Reddcoin Core will start loading.
    Loading can take a while, as Reddcoin Core is scanning your addresses and transactions. When the scanning is finished, Reddcoin Core will open.

    Open your Transactions overview. All your transaction should now have a green check mark in front of them, meaning all your transactions are confirmed transactions.

(Optional) Step 4: Create a new transaction, with a small transaction fee

Any stuck transaction that was not getting confirmed is also removed from your wallet. The amount of the transactions are placed back in your wallet (check your balance).

You can create the transaction again, and a small transaction fee (0.1 RDD) to make sure the transaction gets confirmed quickly. Read more here: Adding transaction fees to a transaction.