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Adding transaction fees to a transaction

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To make sure your transaction gets confirmed quickly, I recommend adding a small transaction fee. Below are the settings I use to add a transaction fee of 0.1 RDD.

Writing a guide like this takes time and effort; tips are appreciated.
My Reddcoin address is RmFDZiWWt3yQk63TsK2bVFEQeZKzxmsnHG.



Step 1: Make the transaction fee settings visible

In the Send window, click on the 'Choose…' button to make the transaction fee settings visible.

Step 2: Adjust transaction fee settings

Apply the following settings in Transaction Fee:

  • Select 'Custom'.
  • Select 'total at least'.
  • Value of 'total at least': 1 RDD.
  • Make sure 'Send as zero-fee transaction if possible' is unchecked.


With these settings, the transaction fee is set to be 0.1 RDD.

Step 3: Create a new transaction

  • Fill in the address that you want to send to in 'Pay To'.
  • Optional: add a label to the address, so you can recognize the address later much easier.
  • Fill in the amount that you want to send in 'Amount'.

You now have entered the transaction details and selected 0.1 RDD as transaction fee.
Click on the 'Send' button on the bottom left to make the transaction.

A new window will pop-up, showing the amount that you have selected and the transaction fee (in red). As you can see, the transaction fee is added on top of the selected amount.
Confirm that you want to create the transaction by clicking on 'Yes'.
Your transaction will start getting confirmed within a minute.

(Optional) Step 4: Minimize the transaction fee settings

After you have applied your custom settings for transaction fees, you can hide the settings by clicking on 'Minimize'.

When minimized, Reddcoin Core will tell you that the transaction fee is set at 1 RDD.
This is incorrect, the actual transaction fee is set at 0.1 RDD (as you will see in the confirmation pop-up before sending the transaction).